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Industries We Serve

Solutions produced by Nixol AquaECA equipment can be used in many industries

Medicinal Applications

Disinfection of surfaces covered with plastic

Disinfection and washing of surfaces covered with plastic, oil paint, linoleum, sanitary and cleaning stock, rooms, clothes, elimination of unpleasant smells. Washing of surgeon’s hands and arms without negative influence for skin.

Municipal Services

Water Treatment and Disinfection

Decontamination of water in swimming pools; Eliminating of Legionella pneumophila in swimming pools;Water disinfection at water treatment stations; Disinfection of sewage, industrial wastewater, agricultural wastewater; Disinfection of wastewater of hospitals; Disinfection and treatment of swimming pools water, spa, saunas, etc.; Disinfection of artificial and natural reservoirs in emergency cases; Disinfection of water in aquarium, terrariums; Water disinfection in systems of recycling water supply of factories of energy economy, chemical and metal manufactures; Decontamination of water pipes, cooling towers; .

Municipal Economy

Washing and disinfection of floors and surfaces in people presence; Disinfection of lavatories, sanitary equipment; Water disinfection of drinking water supply; Disinfection of wastewater including of waste water of infectious (tuberculosis) hospitals; Disinfection of ventilation stacks; Waste disinfection at dumps; Cleaning of entrances and stairs in houses; Disinfection of waste, refuse chutes, dustbins, refuse tippers; Disinfection of playgrounds

Disinfection of facilities

Disinfection of closed spaces, rooms, containers, transport industry, and sanative treatment of air milieu; disinfection and washing in hotels, airports, railway stations, nursery schools, kindergartens, supermarkets, children’s summer recreation centers, health farms, sanatoriums, restaurants, cafes, hairdressing saloons, baths, lavatories and rooms, epidemically dangerous regions, elimination of any kinds of mustiness, elimination of unpleasant smells

Industrial Services

Oil & Gas

Regulation of physical chemical properties of drilling; Well cementing, oil displacement from producing formation; Increase of high-viscosity oil extraction from producing formations; Treatment of natural gas off hydrogen sulphide; Pyrolysis of hydrocarbon and virgin petrol for production of lower olefins – ethylene, propylene, bivinyl, benzol; Oil electrical desalting; Gas treatment off sulfur-containing mixtures;


Water disinfection in tankers: isolated ballast, clean ballast in tanks; Ballast water treatment; Disinfection of water supply systems in ships; Disinfection of residential waste waters and faecal waste waters, disinfection of drinking water at ships.


Transport disinfection (surfaces, walls, seats, floor, lavatories, etc.); Disinfection of air-conditioners; Disinfection of water supply systems in train;

Food, Agriculture and Livestock

Food & fish industry

Disinfection of rooms and equipment, increase in periods of storage of products, vegetables, fruit, elimination of unpleasant smells; Disinfection of fish and seafoods at efficacy against all pathogenic microorganisms including listeria; Anolyte use at fishing boat for shelf life prolongation of fish and seafoods;Improving of quality of fish, meat, plant raw materials and shelf life prolonging of conserves; .

Rural economy, farming, gardening

Disinfection of rooms of cattle-breeding complexes, the dairy equipment and milk pipes, improvement of conditions of the maintenance of animals, reduction in diseases of animals, increase in periods of storage of vegetables, fruit, flowers, elimination of unpleasant smells.

Plant growing

Stimulation of plant growth and development, increasing the yield of plant crop by way of pre-sowing seed treatment, grain disinfection; pest control, combating viral and fungal plant diseases; composted dung preparation.

Livestock rearing and veterinary service

Washing and disinfection of milk lines, milking apparatuses and other equipment; watering animals for treating and prevention of gastrointestinal diseases; Treatment and preventive measures of diseases: wound sanation of animals, watering of young animals (calfs, piglets, nestling) at infectious intestinal diseases and for its prophylaxis, etc.; Disinfection of incubatory eggs;Water treatment and disinfection at growing of young fishes and shrimps; .

Bee keeping

Bee diseases control, raising immunity and productivity of bees; Anolyte application in beekeeping (treatment and prophylaxis of bee diseases, immunity and productivity rise of bees);

Household Applications

Drinking water

Decontamination and purification of drinking water.

Food preservation

Treating foods with the purpose of improving their preservation (fruits, vegetables, berries, meat, fish).

Sterilization of linen

Sterilizing items of household use, items of medical care, washing and bleaching of linen.

Cosmetic care

Cosmetic care of skin and hair; preparation of cosmetic creams, lotions, masks, infusions and decoctions of medicinal herbs.

Disease prevention

Treatment and prevention of diseases of pets, tank fishes; indoor plant pest control.

Odour elimination

Elimination of unpleasant smells.

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